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BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel

Wellness in winter.

Our hotel guests receive free admission to the BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel thalassotherapy center. Relax in the maritime ambience and experience aromatic infusions while sweating in the large sauna area. Or take the opportunity to swim laps in the 31°C indoor seawater pool with real North Sea water, enjoy the underwater massage jets or the splash shower.

The thermal spa tickets are available at reception before visiting the thermal spa

Alternatively, our hotel guests can use the swimming pool and sauna (2 hours each) every day.

  • Top rating "5 Medical Wellness Stars"

  • 31°C indoor seawater pool with swimming pool and splash shower,

  • 33°C baby pool as well as steam baths, relaxation areas and solariums

  • Large sauna area

  • Thalasso and holistic relaxation in a maritime ambience

Large sauna area for pure relaxation.

The idyllic atmosphere of the tranquil fishing village of Neuharlingersiel with its romantic harbor is reflected in both the interior and exterior of the sauna landscape. The vastness of the North Sea and the typical elements of the region, such as dykes, cutters and tides, are expressed in an unconventional way in the architecture of the BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel.

Indoor offers:

  • Harbor sauna, approx. 85 °C with automatic infusion system

  • Salt cabin, approx. 42 °C

  • Fog bank, approx. 45 °C

  • Kneipp showers

  • Rest areas

  • Ice fountain

  • Fireplace room

  • Sauna-Bistro

  • Solarium

  • Foot basin

  • Heated benches

Offers in the outdoor area:

  • Indoor beach sauna, approx. 85 °C

  • Dyke sauna, approx. 95 °C

  • Cutter steamer, approx. 60 °C and 30% humidity

  • Hammocks

  • Beach chairs

  • Bistro terrace

  • Sauna garden

  • Plunge pool

  • Cooling house

  • Fireplace terrace

Thalasso is our nature.

BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel consciously focuses on the values of our unique region: The sea, the character of our fishing village, the typical East Frisian culture - all this is reflected in the BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel. That is why it is particularly important to use the gifts of nature from our immediate surroundings for treatments at the Thalasso Center.

Indoor seawater pool.

The indoor seawater pool at the BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel Thalasso Center offers a swimming pool with swimmers' and non-swimmers' areas, a splash shower, massage jets and a swimming highway (pool size: 25 x 12.5 meters, water temperature: 31°C), a baby pool (pool size: 4 x 3 meters, water temperature 33°C) as well as steam baths (45°C), a relaxation area with loungers, solariums and a bistro.

The power of the sea with its natural, original remedies such as climate, seawater, algae and natural silt is mainly used in thalassotherapy, which contributes to inner balance, physical health and well-being. Welcome to BadeWerk Neuharlingersiel and enjoy your time of well-being.