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North Sea vacation with dog.

The East Frisian North Sea coast attracts hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic visitors to the coastal region and the beautiful sandy beaches of East Frisia every year. But it's not just people who enjoy relaxing in the healthy sea air here, the fresh sea breeze is also a real treat for your pet.

In order to make the vacation as pleasant as possible for our guests with their pets, we have put together some important information about "North Sea vacations with dogs" below.

The Hotel MeerZeiten wishes you and your four-legged friend lots of fun in the region and a wonderfully relaxing stay in our hotel.

  • Great walks with your dog

  • Many dog meadows in the area

  • Perfectly equipped hotel


We see ourselves as a maximum dog-friendly North Sea hotel.

Dogs are welcome in some hotel rooms on request and by prior arrangement. These are exclusively beautiful terrace rooms on the first floor, a superior room and a junior suite on the top floor.

On arrival, we will provide your dog with an orthopaedic dog bed, food bowl stand with two height-adjustable bowls, cuddly blanket and dog towel for the duration of your stay. We charge an extra 15 euros per day for overnight stays with dogs.

You are welcome to take your dog on a lead anywhere in our hotel and on the terraces. We would only ask you to contact the hotel staff briefly in the restaurant. Together we will find a nice place for you and your four-legged friend.

On the move - but with a leash, please

East Frisia and Bensersiel on vacation with your dog.

To ensure peaceful coexistence, please keep your dog on a lead in the city, in all public places, on paths and throughout the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park.

Even if your dog is very well trained, sometimes a bird or rabbit is enough to awaken your pet's hunting instinct. As a nature and animal lover, you should take responsibility for ensuring that all conflicts with people and animals, as well as between wild and domestic animals, are avoided.

Nature conservation is very important in Bensersiel, which is why dogs are not allowed on the beach or on the dykes. Dogs must be kept on a lead throughout the town, in the spa gardens and on all hiking trails.

Of course, your dog does not have to stay alone in the hotel if you want to go to the beach. Specially designated dog beaches can be found at the following locations. These offer excellent opportunities to spend beautiful beach days together.

Hotel Meerzeiten B 21

A gift for dog lovers

Dog beaches in Bensersiel and the surrounding North Sea area.

The natural beach to the east of the ferry pier may be entered with a dog and on a lead (also in the bird protection zone and bird watching area)

In Dornumersiel, 8 km to the west of Bensersiel, there is a dog play area on the Wadden Sea. This section is just a few meters from the beach and also offers beach chair hire. Dogs must be kept on a lead.

The extensive dog beach at Nessmersiel is located approx. 18 km west of Bensersiel. This paid beach section offers beach chair hire, catering and showers for people and dogs. There is a lot on offer here. Dogs must be kept on a lead on this beach. The Nordsee-Service-Card gives you free entry to the beach. The four-legged friend pays 1.00 euro for the beach fun. Strandstraße, 26553 Dornum / Nessmersiel, Tel.: 0 49 33 / 9 11 10

Dogs must be kept on a lead on the 3000 m² sandy beach. There is a 7,000 m² meadow for dogs on the green beach. There, the four-legged friends can let off steam without a lead. There is also agility equipment for training.

Located around 34 km east of Bensersiel, this dog beach is wonderfully spacious and guarantees a great time swimming together. Beach, sand & sea. Dogs must be kept on a lead.

The island of Langeoog is also a great place to visit with your dog. The ferry commutes back and forth between the mainland and the island several times a day from Bensersiel. The journey takes about an hour. Dogs are welcome on Langeoog, where there is also a dog beach.


Our recommendations for dog owners.

Veterinarians Esens
Hinrichs - Rüth - Bartmann
Gartenstraße 826427 Esens

24h emergency service under:

Veterinarian Dr. Ruth Twehues
Junker-Balthasar-Straße 1
26427 Esens


24-hour emergency service at:

Landhandel Schuirmann
Large selection of feed
Am Bahnsteig 13
26427 Holtgast

Tel: 04971-4408

Pet boarding Simone
Tiermobil & mobile pet care

Hauptstraße 54
26427 Dunum
Tel: 04971-9495788

Mobile: 0176-23643802

z. e.g. for found animals

Tierschutzverein Harlingerland e.V.
Buttforder Straße 10

26427 Werdum
Tel: 04974-9144931

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